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Exul is a luxury Milan concierge service providing what we believe to be the ultimate resource for those wanting to get access to the most exclusive venues and be involved in the biggest and best events at the most exclusive hotspots. We pride ourselves on always knowing whats happening at the hotspots. We have gained a vast amount of experience running our members events and we offer this expertise in making sure your group has a great experience, whether it be for a corporate event, birthday, a big night out with friends, a launch event and so much more.

Image by Babak Habibi


We are your link to the most exclusive restaurants, bars and clubs, offering not only a reliable and exclusive membership and table booking service, but also hosted events held in the most luxurious places – we’re sure that once you’ve joined one of our events you’ll be back regularly for years to come.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele


Via pergolesi 8 milano

+39 3482933949

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